Back in 2014, I had the pleasure to join the team at Potion, an interaction design studio in New York. I worked as a design intern on several projects, including creating an app for Frank Warren's PostSecret project and redesigning a responsive website for Alcatel Lucent.

INVOLVEMENT: research - concept – UX design – UI design – 3D - prototyping

post secret universe
PostSecret Universe app

I worked with the design team on creating a unique iPad and iPhone app called PostSecret Universe that showcases the world of artist Frank Warren. I focused on different challenges, including finding a way to curate the content of the app with the help of the PostSecret community members; helping design an interface that highlights the content and speaks to the users and the client; and using my 3D skills to prototype the 3D environment of the app.

G.W.A.T.T. website

I also helped redesign G.W.A.T.T., a responsive website about the energy consumption of the Internet and ICT networks for Alcatel Lucent. This project is about translating complex information in an easy to navigate experience and encourages data manipulation.


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