In 2013, I decided to enter a competition whose goal was to imagine a new service that translates the French postal service's commitment to find solutions to urban change: "new city, new links, new services". It was organized by the French postal service "La Poste" and the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne and I worked with my friends Caroline Kermarrec, Marie-Isabelle Le Saux and Mélie Ling.

INVOLVEMENT: research - concept – service design – storyboarding - branding

the app

When do you shop in France when you want to avoid the Saturday afternoon crowds?


We started by exploring a number of themes linked to urban change as well as the numerous services already provided by La Poste to individuals and businesses. We decided to focus on proximity by imagining a new service for local stores and their clients. We noticed that local stores have little or no online presence, mostly due to cost and complexity. Also, in France, local stores close around 6:30 pm on weekdays and all day on Sunday.


We imagined Illico, a platform for store owners to easily create an online store and for customers to shop online with next day delivery by La Poste. It is a full service provided by La Poste to small businesses: it gives sales a boost thanks to the online store and increases the number of potential customers that theses businesses can reach.

Global design

To ensure that the jury of the competition would understand how Illico worked, we illustrated our idea with storyboards and a system map to show the flows of information, money and goods through the service as well as the interactions between the people involved. I also spent some time working on branding & identity.


This service design project was about ideas rather than bringing to life a real platform so there was less focus on polishing the user interface and testing it. My main focus was to explain the concept. The French postal service is now studying our idea and we're hoping it will come to life! We won the first prize at the service design awards 2013 organized by La Poste and the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne. This project was also featured at the Cité du design in 2013.