A collection of VR & AR experiments

I like to play around with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and test my ideas by doing quick prototypes, wireframes or user tests. Below is an overview of some of the recent projects I have been working on.

INVOLVEMENT: concept - wireframing - prototyping - 3D - UX - UI - video

skills management app
Skills management app

Previz is a skills management concept that uses 3D representation as a tool to visualize information about jobs in a company. It aims at optimizing the management by aggregating data.

The future of travel

Keeper is a design fiction project I worked on with designer Victor Pedraza and B-Com Research Institute of Technology. We imagined the role technologies such as augmented reality glasses, connected bracelet and holographic tables could play in our experience of travelling and we illustrated our concepts in a video.

Energy efficiency app
Energy efficiency app

I worked with engineers Quentin Lemée, Olivier Moy, Pierre Sanchez and Nicolas Bucaille on a prototype for an energy efficiency Unity app that helps clients of a construction company reduce costs and energy consumption. The app allows them to visualize the different materials available and their energy efficiency in the 3D model of a building.

Learning skills in a CAVE

As part of my end-of-studies project, I tested the idea of learning skills in a CAVE (an immersive virtual reality environment projected here onto two walls). The idea was to test the ability to learn a specific hand movement in autonomy by interacting with 3D tools.

More projects to come!