I participated in a 4 day workshop called Les Ateliers in Nantes, France. The goal was to imagine solutions to answer new economic, environmental and social challenges. Fellow designers Mona Lauritzen, Marie-Isabelle Le Saux, Marie Lambert, Guillaume Herlédan & I explored crowdsourcing and crowdfunding as well as the idea of mixing local economies with these platforms.

INVOLVEMENT: research - service design – post-its wizard – storyboarding - visual design


We started by researching crowdsourcing & crowdfunding platforms. We interviewed their users as well as people who had never used these websites in order to identify their motivations, habits, the usability issues they encountered… We also discussed these questions with Goteo co-founder Olivier Schulbaum. Goteo is a social network that invites collaborators to work on getting projects that contribute to free knowledge and open code off the ground through rewards-based arrangement.

post it

Local projects  
Global scale  


Reviewing these notes, conversations and sketches helped us throw a few assumptions out of the window and led us to focus on one key finding: it is difficult to promote a local project with a website that has a global audience. Going to a website, searching for a project that might interest you and making a donation are efforts that mainly web-savvy users are capable of, and they might not be the audience you're trying to reach.

Design suggestions

So we started drawing out some ideas to adapt the concepts of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to the local level in order to accelerate initiatives in a neighborhood. We focused on the education of the residents by giving recommendations on how to involve local stores, encourage micro donations, communicate locally to promote an initiative, etc. Our goal was for the contributors to have a greater trust and involvement in the projects. We illustrated some of our ideas in a video and we presented them during the end of week conference.


Photos ©Jean-Dominique Billaud - SAMOA