Project overview

The AR Soda Can project started when fellow designer Félix Raymond and I began experimenting with the Unity extension of the Vuforia SDK to track objects in real-time with a smartphone. Three days of hard work later, we had a fun, one-level augmented reality game for Android.

INVOLVEMENT: concept - gameplay - 3D - prototyping

playing with the app

Fill the soda can with fruit as quickly as possible to win this augmented reality game!

The app

The tracking of 3D objects like soda cans with Vuforia led us to imagine a simple gameplay. The goal of the game is to fill a soda can with virtual fruit by moving the tablet or phone around a real soda can.

Focus on usability

Top of the list of requirements for this app is that it had to be quick and easy to use. I created the 3D characters using 3DS Max, keeping in mind that they had to be low-poly for fluidity. I designed a simple user interface and the animations and we developed the game using Unity. We tested it several times to identify and fix the usability issues and to adjust the difficulty.


The result is a fun little game that can be played anywhere with a soda can and that can potentially have interesting marketing opportunities. The project was featured at Laval Virtual 2014. Also, we are not affiliated with Oasis, it's just that we had to use a soda can and theirs are the cutest.