Back in 2013, I participated in the 24h ICT + ART Connect Hackathon (non stop - no sleep). I had the opportunity to team up with talented London-based artist Sylvia Morgado and French designers Victor Pedraza and Félix Lepoutre for the Wiki Art Challenge: "conveying gaming dynamics to the artistic creative process".

INVOLVEMENT: concept - prototyping - information architecture - wireframing - UX design - UI design

the app

We took inspiration from the internet open culture and mobile games to imagine our concept: a mobile app that enables the co-creation of a visual comic strip through 6 different drawings made by 6 different users. The aim of the project is to encourage the creation of collaborative artworks and the forming of new social networks. After working on that concept with the rest of the team, I created the 1st prototype in HTML5 (Canvas). At the end of the 24 hour deadline, I presented the project to the audience and the jury and we were awarded the Wiki Art Challenge prize and a residency to further develop the project.

the team

With time and love, our idea has evolved into an actual app, a challenge since none of us live in the same city. The first thing we did after the hackathon was to improve the gameplay and find a developer to join the team. I then worked on information architecture and wireframing. With the wireframes agreed, we moved into Photoshop to design the identity and the interface. I especially focused on the user experience and worked with the new developer, Richard Piron while Sylvia was conducting user tests in London.


We now have a working Android prototype that was part of an exhibition about art and technology at the FoAM lab in Brussels and we also presented the project to the European Commission in May 2014.

Up next

We are now working on improving and polishing the app, our biggest challenge being on the development side. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in collaborating with us on this project!